The Gospel of John – Study Questions for Groups and Individuals in 35 lessons

The Gospel of John Study Workbook

Imagine spending time with Jesus, watching Him astonish the crowds at the temple or on the hillside. What must it have been like to see Him raise the dead, or even just to walk the roads with Him? The Gospel of John will bring you closer to that experience than anything else you can read. It stands apart among the Gospels as a picture of what Jesus was like, beyond just what He said and did.

This study workbook will help you meet Jesus in a fresh and personal way. The study questions are designed to enable you to dig deep into the text. They will inspire you to think about what Jesus says and does from several perspectives. Even if you’ve read the Gospel of John many times, youre likely to see things you haven’t seen before.

Each chapter has between ten and twenty questions from a select passage of this unique Gospel. The questions are designated as content questions or application questions. You will not only learn about Jesus, you will learn some things about yourself as well. Use this book as a self-study tool or as the participant in a group study.

In 35 weeks, you can have a clearer understanding of Jesus and His ministry and how they relate to your life. Prepare for a rich experience as you draw close to the One who loves you.

Copies are available from, Barnes & Noble and directly from the publisher Xulon Press. Or ask your local Christian bookstore to order it for you. $16.49 for 35 lessons. Xulon provides a 30% discount to churches for orders of multiple copies. Contact Jason Fletcher at or 1-855-234-2487